At Matei-Borbely+Partners we know public affairs is both art and science. We are a boutique public affairs firm with a special focus on client’s objectives and results, adding legal expertise into the public policy arena.

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About Us

Our belief is for a dynamic approach, constantly adapted to the social and economic context, based on professionalism, loyalty and delivery of the promised results. We support an open and constant communication as part of a sustainable strategy to address public policy issues and to build a strong and positive reputation for our customers.

Luana Borbely

Managing Partner

Luana is the co-founder of Matei-Borbely+Partners and co-lead of the Advocacy and Governmental Affairs Practice, combining both diplomacy and economic expertise. Luana mastered her expertise in the governmental affairs field as the Lead of the Trade and Economic Office within the Romanian Embassy in Washington DC.

Adina Matei

Partner & Chief Client Result Officer

Adina is the co-founder of Matei-Borbely+Partners, being responsible for integrating the marketing and creative communication perspective within the overall strategy. She has more than 7 years of experience in the banking system in strategic communications.

Ecaterina Chirilenco

Senior Associate

Ecaterina navigates through both business and public topics and environment and is experienced in building a strategic communication in the public-private arena. Prior to joining Matei-Borbely & Partners she served as the Policy & Advocacy Manager with the European Business Association Moldova. She holds a master degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies at the College of Europe, and completed a one year fellowship at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, USA.

"We have been working constantly with Luana over the last two years on a particularly important project with a very high financial impact and correspondingly high risk of failure if things were not executed flawlessly. The fact that this project is now rolling out successfully is a direct result of Luana deploying all the attributes noted above in support of the initiative. Luana is smart, driven, ethical and business acumen, and commitment to unfailing follow-up and completing the task at hand, positioning her to improve the performance of any organization."

Arthur J. Simonetti

Vice-president of Global Government Relations @Honeywell International


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We analyze and offer an objective perspective over the governmental environment, legislative measures and regulatory measures that impact the business environment, through our specific understanding of both national and regional business and political context. Government priorities are being translated into client opportunities and transpose our clients’ needs into the public administration terms, creating added value at both ends.

Matei-Borbely+Partners provides accurate and transparent information to our clients on both political and legislative context, so that they can take best and informed business decisions. Our belief is for a public-private partnerships, for the highest benefit of both our clients as well as public policy bodies.

Strategic & Media

A strong communications strategy uses the right tools at the right time. We consider client’ both short and long-term goals, and adapt fluidly to evolving circumstances. Matei-Borbely+Partners designs targeted campaigns that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ visions of success to relay the most impactful messages to each stakeholder group.

Our strategies have been put to the test by industries across the board, from pharmaceutical industry, to residential and commercial development, and non-profit and government agencies. We offer our clients an extensive array of services starting with the Strategy, marketing and communication activities, media training, media relations, events and press conferences, media monitoring and analysis, as well as management of social media presence.


When a crisis occurs, the only choice lies in how you manage it. Matei-Borbely+Partners helps control the message and defuse the issue.

We advise our clients to planning ahead for any crisis situation, and also for limiting the negative consequences of any such current situation. We help navigate intense media coverage, protect client’s reputation, assets and position in the market place.

We have also expertise in reputation management, (re)building reputation, by tapping into the client’s capabilities, knowledge and position on the market.


Matei-Borbely+Partners is constantly analysing investment opportunities and has extensive experience in developing strategies for accessing the local and regional markets.

We are actively involved in attracting foreign investments in Romania, but also in promoting local entrepreneurs on international markets. We provide advice to our customers involved in merger and acquisition transactions, at early stage when hiring consultants and continuing with the due diligence process, until the transaction is completed. We have a strong track record of successfully completing product approval procedures in regulated industries.

Throughout the years we have implemented public business strategies and strategic communication campaigns for clients in pharmaceutical industry, real estate, financial sectors, recruitment and NGO’s.


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